Top5 Best Scientific Calculators

Scientific calculators are absolutely necessary for high school and college, as well as for many jobs. They do make navigating the world of sciences and mathematics comfortable. Here are five that will not disappoint.

Casio fx-115ES PLUS – Best easy-to-use calculator

The fx-115ES has loads of additional, great functions and costs less than some of Casio’s older models in its class. These added math functions will make the class life of a high school or college student a breeze, though it may be unnecessary for your everyday Joe.

Calculus students will adore its ability to solve linear equations with up to three variables, as well as the way it can deal with cubics and quadratics.  It also can evaluate derivatives and definite integrals at a point, a function that only top-notch scientific calculators can achieve. It’s designed to offer an easy operation, and its Natural Display feature makes usage very easy and versatile.

You can enter your expressions or equations exactly as written, using its MathIO method. Among its many added innovative features are memories that have been increased from seven to nine and it’s Alpha key that acts both as a second shift key, as well as a variable key.


  • Faster processor than its predecessor
  • Increased available memories from 7 to 9
  • Added new number functions
  • Has two-way power, including a Solar Plus mode with battery back-up


  • Its build quality feels low.

Sharp EL501WBBK 10 Digit 131 – Best easy-to-read calculator

Performing over 130 math and scientific functions, the Sharp EL-501WBBK is a force to be reckoned with. It’s perfect for pre-algebra, trigonometry, algebra, and general math students. To counter the eye fatigue that comes with prolonged usage of gadgets, this calculator has a large – display area, making it comfortable to use.

Its LCD display features one line, ten digit easy-to-read numbers as you enter them or see their answers. Its durable keys are color-coded both for advanced and basic use. This calculator also has a protective hard cover to prevent dings and scratches and ensure that you will keep the Sharp as a lifelong math or science partner.

In addition,  to conserve its battery power, this calculator will automatically shut down after a while of non-use so that it has power available whenever it is required.


  • Has a protective hardcover
  • Robust build and comfortable to use
  • Has 131 math and scientific functions
  • Large LCD display


  • Battery operated only

Sharp Calculators EL-W516TBSL  – Best Innovative Product

With a black finish and silvery accents, this twin powered scientific calculator is in a class of its own. It can utilize both battery and solar power. All you have to do after purchase is rest it next to your window so as to charge up its solar cells, and it’ll good to go.

Its WriteView display function is very popular with students because it allows you to write fractions, symbols, and expressions as they are printed in your textbook. No more confusion and retyping, thank you! Its large 16 digit, 4 line LCD display is another fantastic function that makes it very easy to use.

With more than an incredible 640 math and scientific functions, you couldn’t ask for more in a scientific calculator. And to keep it safe and protected, it has a hard protective case so that you’ll be able to use it from your high school math class through to your college lectures.


  • WriteView function that allows viewing fractions and symbols as you would in a textbook
  • Has a large 4 line 16 digit LCD display
  • Both solar and battery operated
  • Over 640 math and science functions


  • May have errors on integrals

Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro  – Best Attractive Design

This solar-powered scientific calculator from Texas Instruments looks very slick and business-like in black.

Being non-programmable it is accepted in most classes and lecture halls. It is perfect for your biology, statistics, geometry, Algebra, calculus, and trigonometry studies from high school to college, and it is built to last. The TI-36X has a slide case that protects the buttons area, too.

Its MultiView display function allows you to view multiple calculations at once on the screen. Another favorite feature is its innovative MathPrint function. This allows the calculator to display fractions, symbols, and expressions as they are in textbooks making it very easy to use.

You will love its three memories, and even more so, the snappy feel of its keys, which helps you avoid accidentally pressing extra keys when typing.


  • Non-programmable scientific calculator allowed in many classes
  • MathPrint function for easy display of numbers
  • Solar powered calculator
  • Robust build
  • Sleek and attractive design


  • Difficult to read and use in low-light conditions

HP 11C Scientific Calculator – Most Durable Product

They say “old is gold,” and this HP 11C is as golden as old-school scientific calculators can get. Released in the late 80s, it is a mid-range programmable scientific calculator that is built like a tank.

Most users praise it for outliving everyday abuse, and some have been used for decades on end. Math and science nerds love its reverse polish notation (RPN) and its continuous memory. And while it may not have extended programming as much newer scientific calculators do, it does the necessary jobs and does them well.

It has an easy-on-the-eyes display, and its batteries have been touted to last over two years at a time, meaning you will have no energy stresses with it. Its keys have a nice tactile feel to them, which is perfect for entering numbers and symbols without error.


  • Robust build
  • Slipcover protection
  • Has the reverse polish notation


  • Hard to find in tip-top shape

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