What Is The Best Graphing Calculator?

Do you enjoy playing with numbers and manipulating graphs? Take your skill to an advanced level by selecting a that you can use in school or at work. The innovations used in the calculators make mathematics and science easy. Here are some of the best graphing calculators you should consider.

Texas Tl-84 plus CE – Best for calculus and statistics

Are you a Math student looking for a graphing calculator that allows you to visualize concepts? Get the TI 84 plus CE graphing calculator. This allows you to calculate fast and understand the links between equations and graphs.

The display is clear, offering a high resolution so you are able to read numbers and interpret graphs without struggling. The backlit display is bright enough to use. The calculator allows you to analyze data by making use of color-coded objects. You can alter the colors by using the provided buttons. There are also grid lines that enhance the readability of graphs.


  • Color screen
  • Preloaded images and apps
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Light-weight design
  • Backlit display

This graphing calculator has a rechargeable battery, which you can use with a USB cable or a wall charger. It is convenient so that you will always be charged during exams. Unlike the old model, graphing applications have been added to this model in order to enhance its functionality.

You can conduct specific functions in both science and math thanks to the multiple add-ons on the device. It contains many programs, such as data collection and inequality graphing that you can use in practice for exams. It can manage significant numbers simultaneously, making it easy to use.

If you are dealing with physics, calculus, or trigonometry, this graphing calculator will come in handy. What the manufacturer has not altered from the old version is the menu structure. This makes it simple for those who have already used the Texas Instrument 84.

It has a large memory that allows you to store a great deal of data, including images and graphs. The sleek design means it is lightweight so that you can easily carry it around. Its overall appearance is attractive, since it comes with a white matte finish that adds class to the appearance of this graphing calculator. The materials used in the making are durable to prevent wear and tear.


  • It has a long-lasting battery.
  • The functions give you various options.
  • Your purchase gives you at least a 1-year warranty.
  • Comes with a USB port


  • If you tap its screen, it starts moving around making it inconvenient.
  • The fingerprint magnet on the front piece gets dirty easily.


Texas Tl-84 plus CE graphing calculator is durable and easy to use. You also get various colors to suit your own preference. You can use it for ACT, SAT, IB and AP exams that contain graphing calculations.

Texas Nspire CX CAS -Best for professionals

If you are an engineer looking for the best graphing calculator, Texas Nspire is your ideal choice. It has advanced functionalities that are suitable for your line of work. University students who take engineering classes or any other science can also benefit from this calculator.


  • Backlit display
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Advanced functions

The Nspire allows you to transfer digital images from the internet and manipulate equations, as well as graphs. This model acts as a small computer, since you can show documents on different pages and store them in your graphing calculator. This device makes it possible to transfer class work and complete it outside class, thanks to the student software.

Functions such as subscript and superscript allow you to enter the equations from a textbook in the correct notation. You can also solve variable equations and manipulate them easily using it. If you are pursuing physics or chemistry in school, this calculator can teach you the theories behind equations.

Any student can perform computations and analyze graphs using this calculator. You can come up with animations as you navigate geometric figures on it. Feel free to use histograms and pie chart as you analyze data.

You will love the colorful display of this graphing calculator. Inside the package is a rechargeable battery that makes the calculator ready to operate as soon as you purchase it. You will not incur separate expenses looking for batteries.

The batteries can last for two weeks without running out of power, provided you don’t overuse it. This graphing calculator features a sleek design, which is light and thin and operates on 3D graphing. The automatic rotation is an impressive feature, and the resolution of this calculator is bright to enhance readability.

It is, however, not suitable for algebra students.


  • It is user-friendly.
  • Offers an extended battery life
  • It provides numerous functionalities.
  • You get a bright screen.


  • You may find it slow when adjusting the different settings.


This calculator makes it easy for chemistry students to understand different concepts fast. thanks to the simple functions. The impressive capabilities make it easy for you to solve equations. You can use the Texas Nspire on AP, PSAT, and SAT exams.

Casio FX-9750G11- Best entry-level graphing calculator

If you are new to graphing calculators, you do not need one that has unnecessary advanced functions, which can be confusing. Get a Casio graphing calculator instead, one that offers you basic features to use comfortably. You can bring along this calculator to your calculus or algebra lesson. It is also suitable for trigonometry or geometry.

High school and middle school students can also use this calculator. The menu you get is icon-based, making it user-friendly. You can carry on with common tasks using the soft menu provided.


  • LCD
  • USB port
  • Slide cover

The Casio gives you a high-resolution display, thanks to the enlarged area that boosts the visuals. It displays specific formulas and graphics for you, so you can analyze statistical data thoroughly. You will not experience problems understanding the curves, since they are sharp and easy to use.

The software design incorporated in the Casio makes it easy for you to calculate and thereby understand different concepts on subjects that involve math. You no longer have to rely on cramming to pass exams, as long as you are using this model.

This calculator is not only accurate, but also fast, making it convenient to use on timed exams. It is designed to process complex graphs and lengthy calculations rapidly so that you can finish your projects within the allotted time. Its operating memory is large, enabling you to perform various functions.

Feel free to connect devices such as classic calculators with this model, using the USB port it has. This enables you to share data easily, since you can link it to your computer. It also has a slide cover that keeps your screen safe from external issues such as dust and water.

Your package also includes 4 AAA batteries that are not rechargeable. The diversity in colors is also impressive.


  • It functions fast and accurately.
  • It has primary functions that make it user-friendly.
  • You can share data through the USB connection.
  • It is affordable.


  • Some users report that the screen is not sharp compared to other models.


You will like the graphs and distribution curves that this calculator is capable of making. Start learning about how graphing calculators work using this simple model. You can use it on college exams, as well as SAT and PSAT tests.

Casio touchscreen FX-CG500 – Best for middle school classes

If you need a large screen for easy viewing of graphs, get the Casio touchscreen. This model allows you to drag desired information into different presentations. It gives you a textbook display that increases its convenience.


  • Large touchscreen
  • LCD with colors
  • Case
  • Drag operation

You can use this calculator to represent symbols in your algebra class. It is a non-qwerty model that gives you a sharp screen for easy readability. You can learn how to calculate and solve many mathematical problems, thanks to its powerful abilities.

It offers you an efficient interface for creating graphs and entering equations. The large display allows you to also have a side view at the same time thanks, to the split screen. It provides a complete screen for you to view every detail relevant to your field. Feel free to use either landscape or portrait view.

The touchscreen also contains a precise stylus that is sensitive to touch. You may experience challenges navigating it for the first time, but you will love its performance once you understand how it works. The resolution in this model is high, and the LCD comes in numerous colors.

Any student will find it fun to handle graphs, spreadsheets and charts from this touchscreen calculator. It offers you numerous functions that come in handy during mathematical lessons.


  • The drop-down navigation menus are easy to use.
  • It gives you a large keyboard.
  • You get a textbook display.
  • You can view information side-by-side


  • It is bulky


The functions in this calculator make it suitable for all. You can add colors to different graphing objects, such as bars and circles. The resolution and analytical capabilities of this calculator make it worth your investment.

Final thoughts

See how easy these subjects can be! Get the right graphing calculator that will help you solve any problems in these important fields.

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